Shooting Products for Pop Culture Online Stores

February 11, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I had the pleasure of photographing Scruffy Rebel in the studio showcasing her "The Mechanic A-Line Dress" for Gold Bubble Clothing!  

Please check out the final images and to also order your own dress by clicking the link here!

In addition, I did a Product Test Shoot for The Bag Depot featuring Stacey Bender.


I'm a big fan of the Indiana Jones Franchise so here are a few shots I created in the studio (all in camera) showcasing the iconic props from Raiders of the Lost Ark and the Holy Grail from Last Crusade. The Grail is 3D printed by one of my prop making friends, and my photo has help increased his sales once he changed over to it.

If you have a product line and would like for me to photograph for you please send me a message here on my website.  I would love to talk with you and set up a shoot!



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