Mark Edwards Photographer - Keyleth featuring ArkadyCosplay

April 04, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

When I saw ArkadyCosplay’s iPhone photos on social media, I knew right away that I wanted to photograph her in the studio and really showcase the costume in all of its beauty under controlled lighting conditions.  

The dress, staff, headpiece and all the accessories are handmade by the model herself and she did her own hair & makeup. I love all the attention to detail in the entire ensemble. Even her choice of color and fabrics.  I respect the level of commitment it takes to imagine and create a costume of this caliber.  This was my first time shooting ArkadyCosplay in the studio and I’m really looking forward to many more!  

For this photo, I created the golden glow using a yellow/green gel/strobe with my smoke machine behind her and a single high soft box for a fill.


Here is a brief description of her amazing character:   Keyleth of the Air Ashari is a Half-Elf Druid from the show Critical Role, a Geek and Sundry livestream about Dungeons & Dragons. Introverted and socially awkward, but incredibly powerful, Keyleth has embarked on a quest to prove to herself and her people that she is worthy and strong enough to become their leader. Critical Role does not have completely canon designs for any of its characters, which provides a lot of creativity and personal choice when making costumes for them. Keyleth usually wears a red dress, her signature antler circlet, and carries her staff, the Spire on Conflux, but the exact design and details of her entire outfit is left up to the cosplayer meaning that no two designs for the character are ever the same.

Mark Edwards Photographer featuring ArkadyCosplay (follow her on Instagram @arkadycosplay) shot at Wonderland Studios OC in March 2017.  This photo has no photoshop work, only some color correction in Lightroom CC.  

Camera specs:  Photographed on my Canon 70D f/7.1 1/125  ISO 200 Color Corrected in Adobe Lightroom CC.  

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