Wonder Woman Photo Shoot - Mark Edwards Photographer

May 30, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Just in time for the Wonder Woman movie release this Friday, here is my collaboration with Molly Edwards!

As a kid growing up in the 70’s I was a big fan of television’s Wonder Woman with Lynda Carter.  Since Molly’s outfit is designed with that classic “Wonder Woman” style, I wanted to shoot in a way that still reflected the nostalgia, fun and happiness (from the 70’s TV Show) mixed with a slight contemporary feel.

When I asked Molly about Wonder Woman and why she chose her, this is what she had to say - 

“Wonder Woman is synonymous with empowerment, strength, and being the best you can be. I grew up watching Wonder Woman; and, although I never really fancied myself as being Wonder Woman, many of my friends have labeled me as her.  I took that as a huge compliment and embraced it.  Five years ago, I began my fitness journey with karate.  I was training 20 hours a week to the goal to compete in the USA Karate Open. In 2014, I received a gold medal.  From there, I knew I wanted to get into body building to add strength.  I was in my mid forties, and never having been a body builder, meant it was going to take discipline and determination to achieve my goals. Even today, I never miss a workout and stick to a regimented diet.  The greatest aspect of Cosplaying Wonder Woman is that I can inspire people to achieve their goals - from young children on up.”


All post edits were achieved in Adobe Lightroom. No Photoshop or artificial compositing.  The ground fog (provided by Matt Riggins) and smoke machine are added for effect (all in camera).  Molly's outfit was created by Wonderland Corsets and was photographed at Wonderland Studios OC in Anaheim CA.

Thank you Molly for the opportunity to shoot with you and I’m already looking forward to the sequel! 

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